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What our customers are saying...

What our customers are saying...

What our customers are saying...

  • @bridiemia

    “Never has a branding made more sense than O’wow because “oh wow” were the exact words which left my mouth after completing the treatment and seeing an utter impressive turn around transformation my dry, lacklustre hair.”

  • @shelbytribble

    “I have been using Owow’s smoothing treatment for a while now and I absolutely love it! My hair feels so much shinier now. I have had similar treatments at salons but they are much more costly and full of unhealthy chemicals.”

  • @nixbotha

    “Finally got to try this fab kit and I have never seen my hair so smooth and straight. Brazilian Blowout’s are usually so expensive and lengthy – happy that now I can do it at home with O’wow Kit.”

  • @taylorrkrausee

    “You think you have smooth hair? Wait until you use these bad boys. My hair hasn’t felt this smooth and healthy in a long time. I only need to do it every 2-3 months and when I do I feel like the softest, shiniest lil sheep around.”

  • @rebecca_asm

    “Cannot believe the difference in my hair in the space of 1 hour using this all-in-one smoothing treatment home kit. It’s so affordable, free of harsh chemicals and the results lasted for three months”

  • @lolwutjanice

    “LOVING how my hair feels after using the O’WOW smoothing treatment. I can defo see and feel the difference from before using it and later. The treatment results lasted for 3 months!”

  • @rosa_wx

    “Genuinely the best hair treatment I’ve ever tried! My hair is damaged after 5+ years of regular bleaching but honestly this treatment made it feel so smooth and so much easier to manage. If your hair is frizzy or you just prefer your hair to be more straight and smooth then I 100% recommend it.”

  • @whatlarsyloves

    “My hair has been feeling a bit frazzled after a week in the sun so I decided to treat my hair with a full pamper session with @owowkit. I must say that it left my hair feeling super smooth and shiny and the results should last for months. It honestly feels so much healthier already!!”

  • @_idoitwithpassion_

    “I’m beyond excited!! It’s now been 6 washes since using it and all I have to do is just wash my hair and simply blow dry and it looks amazing. I was never able to leave the house without any styling, so this is just a Godsend as it allows me to save so much time.”