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  • Very easy and cool

    The way to use it is very easy and the result is great. After completing the treatment, I can leave home with confidence. This is the first time I've used it and it definitely won't be the last. I will use it forever And it smells very beautiful.

  • Amazing!

    This might sound a cliché but my hair has never felt this silky and smooth. The change in my hair was huge after the treatment. Now after a few wash the hair is still super smooth and I haven’t touched my straightening iron ever since the treatment.

  • Love it :)

    It has been a months since I did the treatment and my naturally frizzy hair still doesn’t require any straightening.

  • Perfect after a holiday in the sun

    I wanted to try this treatment after a long holiday in the sun, which made my hair super dry and dull and it worked perfectly. My hair is now moisturised and nourished again.


    First thing I do every morning is run to the mirror and admire how great my hair looks after having done this treatment. You need to try it out if you haven’t yet!

  • No words!

    O’wow smoothing treatment has completely changed my hair care routines. It has been a few weeks since I did the treatment and I haven’t styled my hair after that.

  • Straw to Silk in one day!

    My bleached blonde fine hair is damaged and dry. It never looks great, even after a treatment. BUT I just used OWOW and I have never had such silky, touchable hair! I can’t believe it is mine! It went from straw to silk in a matter of hours! For real, this really works!

    Lauren Gunthorpe
  • love it!

    Literally think every female in my family is getting a set for Xmas after they saw my result 🤣🤣

  • Absolutely transformed my frizzy hair

    I’ve already subscribed to this as I can’t believe the difference it’s made t my hair. Was so sceptical but I’m converted. My hair is smoother, shinier and dries in half the time. Absolutely delighted.

  • Amazing

    Completely transformed the condition of my hair! So shiny and soft!